• Choker - A necklace 14 inches to 15 inches in length that rests on the collarbone.


    Princess - An 18-inch necklace strung with either graduated or uniform pearls.


    Matinee - A slightly longer necklace, usually 20 to 24 inches in length.


    Opera - A 30- to 36-inch necklace, this length should fall to the breastbone and can often be worn long or doubled.


    Rope or Sautoir - Any necklace longer than opera length. Ropes are often worn knotted or with a shortener for added versatility of style.


    Dog Collar - A multiple strand pearl necklace that fits closely around the neck.


    Bib - A single necklace with multiple strands of pearls in varying lengths that are worn nested together.

    Torsade - A necklace in which several strands of pearls (usually freshwater) are twisted together and held with a special clasp.

    Graduated - A necklace with pearls of gradually increasing size with the smallest at the back and the largest at the center.


    Uniform - A necklace in which all pearls appear to be the same size, although there is usually a slight difference between the center and end pearl.